Monday, 17 March 2008

Episode 2: The one which was promising

Date: Last Friday
Event: Drinks
Venue: Angel's Share 8.30
Man: Tom the teacher

So here's a question. How do you tell if a guy fancies you?

He was nice, he too looked like his photo, although he was more 5'11 than 6ft. Dark hair, blue eyes, nice to look at. Although he was wearing a puffa jacket - which I thought was a little excessive, but a standard t-shirt, jeans, and some pointy trainers. A bit to casual for my liking but never mind.
He wasn't that smily, but made an effort to chat. I think he's a quite a shy person, cos he was really trying at the beginning. But me being my friendly self made him feel at ease and we got on a had a bit of a laugh. Turns out we went to uni at the same time, and know similar people and went the same club nights and stuff. We do have quite a lot of stuff in common although he is a strict vegetarian. I forgot to ask him if he ate fish, but he does eat a lot of tofu.

We got on well after about an hour, and I remember thinking that we didn't need to work at conversation. He was driving, although he still had two pints, and I had two glasses of wine, and tried to be charming. I "think" he made an effort to touch my back at the bar, but it was half arsed, and he didn't do anything else which could have been touchy feely.
So we went to Zed bar about 11 and sat and chatted a bit more. And then it got to like 12 and I was thinking - how the f**k am I going to wrap this up. So I did a "soooooooooooooo" and he was like "yep, probably should go now".
And we did the whole nice meeting you thing and smiled, but neither of us made any effort to have physical contact. It could be that he was shy, or perhaps he didn't know what to do. But I probably would have kissed him out of obligation.

I'm not sure. And I'm very smily naturally, so its not like he could have thought that I didn't like him.
On a seperate note, some of you may have noticed that my face has started to resemble the side of the moon. So I went into town with zero make up on so that the nice lady at Clinique could fix me. And guess who I bump into outside Primark.


And I think he acutually looked scared of me, because he didn't smile. He was friendly, and we had a bit of a chat about what we had bought etc. And he asked me if I enjoyed myself yesterday, and I said yes. And then we sort of left it.
So I'm still none the wiser and I haven't heard from him yet. According to the Rules, if you haven't heard in 3 days, then it was never meant to be.
I'm taking a break from dating this week as its Easter, although I have identified my next suitor. Although he has a girlfriend, so I'm not too sure how that's going to work. They are on a break at the moment though, and I think it was just because we were both a little pissed on Saturday, but there could be some potential I think.


Cheers x

Friday, 7 March 2008

Episode 1: The first one

Man: James
Age: 30
Date: BRB's 8.30 last night

He was okay.
He looked like his photo. Had interesting dress sense.
Black t-shirt with ghastly silver writing on. But it showed his biceps. Good. Freckly arms though.
Dark grey work trousers. Standard
Tan Leather shoes. Good
Ill fitting jacket though - not sure.
Easy to talk too, I drank too much wine too early and got really high pitched and over enthusiastic. But then after a pep talk from Soph, I stuck to cranberry juice after that and it was all okay.
Went to Brb, and then aire bar.
He walked me to a cab rank at 11.30, and I went home.
Didn't try to kiss me which was good.
Not sure we'll see each other again.
Had lots to talk about but not sure how much we have in common. I suspect I'm probably a bit young for him.

Anyway, next week its Gavin. He's much more promising......