Monday, 10 November 2008

Episode 8: The one which was really nice

Man: Sean
Age: 26
Description: Irish firefighter with arms like Austin Healy
Venue: Angel's Share, Chapel Allerton (yes again, it is clearly a place to pick up men!)

18 whole weeks. That's the amount of time it has been since my last update. That's getting on for 5 months.
In that time, I've been flitting about up and down the country, going to parties, weddings and leaving no stone unturned in my quest to attract a beautiful man.
And people tell me that you can find love anywhere. To a certain extent, its probably true.
I've been chatted up in the women's shoe dept in TK Maxx, been asked for my phone number at two separate sets of traffic lights, had all kinds of messages from various dating websites and even experienced an attempted 'hit on' at Fitness First Bradford. All amusing, but none of these men have been suitable enough to even talk to let alone write about.
Its hard to stay optimistic during such times, but every so often, you get a small glimmer of hope that makes all the effort worthwhile. I don't know if this will even pan out or not but even if it doesn't, it was still really nice.
Last Saturday, we all went out into Chapel A to mark a sorrowful occasion. Gemma is moving to London. Now I'm not going to get upset about it, but we will all miss her terribly :(
Anyway so I got chatting to Sean quite early on in the evening. I've met him a couple of times out and about as he is friends with Gemma's neighbours, so we sort of know each other. He isn't bad to look at, has beautiful eyes, but his hair is a little on the shaggy side. Apparently he has been told to get it cut as it is a fire hazard. Thank God!
And he's 5ft 8 - but I could do with a man more my height - it makes spooning far easier!
I can't remember what we were chatting about but he was telling me stuff about his job, and how he rescues people from car crashes etc, and sometimes they die but he tells them they're gonna be okay cos he doesn't want to scare them. As a general rule, if you survive the 3rd impact (your heart hitting your ribcage), then you're probably gonna be okay. 1 being the initial impact, and 2 being your body hitting the seatbelt!
So the evening passed relatively quickly, and soon we were on the way back to Gemma's house hand in hand. Now I was feeling rather confident with myself by this time, clearly fuelled by Jaegermeisters and Cava. So I went in for the kill, and he responded appropriately which was good.
We settled up on the sofa and just chatted and stuff (which did involve some kissing). He was totally well behaved, didn't whinge when I asked to keep X Factor on - even though it was 3am. AND he kept his hands firmly above the waist, and didn't even try any funny business.
At first I thought that was strange, but then I've since decided that he must be a gentleman and I shouldn't think he's gay because of it.
By the time it got to 5am, I think we'd both subconsciously made a decision not to bother going home, so we just curled up and nodded off.
When the morning came, it was all fine, we chatted for a bit and then remembered that neither of us were in our own houses, and thought it best to tot on home. He didn't specifically ask for my number, but I needed to call my phone from his as I'd temporarily lost it. So he saved my number that way, and then disappeared off into the morning.
I've since had sometime to reflect on this, and yesterday I had decided that I really liked him. But now, in the cold light of Monday, I've become more realistic and am going to accept fate whatever the outcome.
I've had some inside information which suggests he may call me. But I don't know.
I hope he does, or at least messages me on facebook.
Will keep you updated with progress