Thursday, 5 February 2009

Episode 11: The one that you all didn't want me to do

Man: Russell
Age: 27
Occupation: Masters Student - Spanish and Portuguese
Description: Judge for yourself.

So, the last time you checked I'd been juggling 3 guys: Paul, Sam & Russell. Paul who dumped me for football, Sam who dumped me for bad personal news, and Russell who I'd dumped because I couldn't handle 3 guys at the same time.
In the past week, Paul and I have had a brief text convesation, but I think we both know that it's not meant to be. Sam and I have been chatting online, but there has been no mention of another date.
Incidentally whilst I have been writing this Sam has come online and told me that he is a committment phobe and that relationships never work for him! I didn't ask for that, I just asked how he was. Why do guys feel the need to open up when they talk to me. Surely they can't expect sympathy. I told Sam that he was hanging out with too many girls and he should find himself some boy mates.
And then we have Russell. Ahhh Russell.
Well Russell is perhaps the most controversial date I have ever had. And here's why:

(pictures have been removed to protect the identity of both men, but it's a picture of Russell next to a picture of the Ex.)

Yes. They look very much like each other . Clearly seperated at birth. For those of you who are unaware, Russell is on the left, and the ex boyfriend is on the right. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained, so we spent this evening at the Adelphi getting to know one another.

He's a nice chap. I won't lie to you. But he's totally wrong for me. And here's why. Firstly, he didn't buy the first drink. Now I know he's a student, but come on Russell, where's your manners. Secondly, he doesn't drive. I'm not holding this against him, but you can't get to Wortley on a bus very easily. So no sleepovers for him.
Thirdly, he's from the South and thinks that the North starts at Birmingham. Get a grip.
On the plus side, he has no interest in football. That is like a golden ticket!

So we had a few beers and got chatting. And it was nice. I wouldn't say we chatted about ourselves that much, but we seemed to bond over a common love for all things Spanish and also a mutual appreciation for Toronto and Niagara falls.
I also quickly realised that he had an appreciation for legs, because he wouldn't stop looking at mine. To be fair to him, I was wearing a short dress (with brown tights) and stilettos but you'd think he'd be subtle about it. At one point I had to hide them under the table because he was just staring at them. And they're not particularly long legs anyway, they are just standard brown legs - nothing fancy. Just legs.
So anyway we stayed in there from 7.30 till 11pm. He isn't a shy guy, but I don't think he gets out much. He doesn't watch any telly - he doesn't own one.
But he does download a lot of films. So we discussed that a bit, and also about what would happen if his life was to become a film. Basically he'd rob a bank, move to Brazil and then kill lots of people. I'm not sure what this tells me about him - perhaps he is competitive?
He didn't really make any effort to accost me, there was the occasional knee graze and the obsessive leg stare, but generally he was very well behaved.
But then he asked the forbidden question: 'So how many guys are you dating on Match?"
Now in this months Elle magazine, there is an article on New York style dating, and the author recommends that you tell the truth when asked this question.
So I said '3. How about you?'
And he went 'Erm not many' which I took to mean zero.
I sort of made a joke about how it was harder for guys, and he seemed to be comforted by this fact so I think I got let off the hook.
The evening went really quickly and pretty soon we were the only people left in the pub. I decided to let him walk me to the station to get a cab.
And to be honest, I was expecting a kiss. Out of all the guys I've been on dates with, except perhaps Tom Episode 2, I think I got on with Russell the most.
Actually thinking about it Tom was a catch. I missed a trick there. But anyway we had a cheek air kiss - which I thought was acceptable. I'm not sure if I'll see him again. He text me saying he'd had a fun time, so perhaps there is short term potential. I don't know. I felt a little deflated when I got home.

I think this may be the last Gal and the City for a while. My expires tomorrow, and I really can't be arsed to go out on the pull. I think I might try another means of attracting men. Maybe speeddating? Please send in your suggestions, I'll follow them up if they look feasible..............

Laters xx