Monday, 4 January 2010

Episode 17: The one which is in the hands of the gods

Man: Mark
Age: 30
Description:  Good face, Good body
Venue: Sandanista/Sky Bar

I'm not sure why I'm writing this one, it feels a tad premature, but i'm just sitting at my laptop and letting my fingers do the talking. 

I'm not superstitious by any means but I do believe quite strongly in karma and fate. When good things happen, people put it down to fate, and the fact that everything is meant to be. They're all true believers. But when bad things happen, people are often too quick to believe that the universe is shitting on them and their life will be crap forever more. They refuse to see that it is fate's way of preparing them for something better.

It's exactly 2 years to the day that Christopher and I decided throw in the towel on our relationship. And whilst 2008 was a truly terrible year for me, it made me want to make up for it in 2009. If you had told me last January that within the next year I would get a new job, go round Thailand my own, record a piano piece for Radio 3, run a half marathon, go to NY for my birthday, become a celebrity in Eastern Europe, and buy a new car, I would have laughed in your face. And that's just a summary of some of the stuff I did last year. It sounds preposterous looking back on it. But I think all of it was fate's way of showing me that I am capable, and that splitting up with Christopher was necessary in order for me to start doing more things with my life. And when I'm a little bit older, I'll look back fondly on 2009 with a warm smile. 

So next time you think that the world is against you, see it as an opportunity for you to change the course of your life. You might just surprise yourself :)

Ok philosophical lecture over.

But from a karma perspective I have been on A LOT of shit dates with A LOT of shit men. But each episode that I have written (and it has been the best therapy) has taught me something new about men and what I expect from them. So I am happy to report that I have earned myself some serious karma points through doing this and now the universe is playing ball and has sent a lovely man my way.

Now I'm not one of those girls who gushes about boys all the time. The most you'll get from me is "he's nice". None of this 'oh I think he's The One' nonsense. I don't tend to talk at length about men that I like. But I do have to say that this boy (Mark) is lovely. Quite lovely.
He happens to be from Rainhill which is spitting distance from Widnes. So he sounds like Christopher. But a lot more Scouse. And I have a soft spot for any man with a Scouse accent so I don't really mind.

I sourced him from Are You Interested, a facebook application where you click yes, no, or maybe on people's profile pictures. I can't remember who clicked yes on who first, but we became facebook friends maybe about 3 weeks ago and have been exchanging emails and things. Obviously he is on a limited profile. I can't have him reading my constant status updates.
So anyway, we've had two really lovely dates so far. The first date we went to Sandanista (his choice) and just had a couple of beers and a natter. Last Sunday night we went to the Sky Bar (his choice) for a few cocktails and more of a natter. I should add here that he absolutely loves cocktails (his words) and can drink out of a Martini glass without wondering if he looks gay. And he runs!
So I'm thinking he's a pretty nice guy so far, we seem to have a lot in common. And he likes watching The Gadget Show!
And he turned up on time, wasn't stingy with drinks, didn't try to stick his tongue down my throat, and pretty much didn't do anything that made me think Eugh. And he even got me to admit that Nandos isn't that bad a restaurant!

It's very early days and there is obviously a massive chance that he could go off me, so I'm not getting too excited. But I am. A little. Secretly. We're going out for dinner on Friday, so I might know more then.

The only fly in the ointment though is that he is an engineer of some description, and he is going to Brazil for 3 months in April. So I hope i'm not just filling in time between now and then because I'd be massively offended if that's the case. Even if it doesn't work out though, it's still nice to know that there are still eligible men out there. I was beginning to wonder you see.

Do you know what, I actually don't want to write any more about him - which must mean that I quite like him. Eeek!

This has been the shortest George and the City ever. I hope it's the last one for a while.....