Monday, 21 April 2008

Episode 4: The one where she behaves like Samantha.

Man: Matt
Age: 30
Description: Tall, dark hair, quite foxy although a little on the chubby side. A little Spanish looking
Venue: Angels Share, Chapel Allerton (again!)

It's been quite some time since I ventured into the arena. Mainly because James the quantity surveyor dented my confidence a little, but also because I haven't really had the time.
So I went out with Gems and Jenna (Gem's mate) on Friday night to have a bit of a laugh and to check out the local talent.

One of the shortcomings about is that you must remember that you have agreed to put your photo up on the internet advertising the fact that you are looking for love.
Whilst this is fine, and only a select few get to see this, it can become a problem if those few cross over into the real world. This has already happened to me once before - the guy in question lied about his height anyway, so once I'd seen him in real life, I just ignored him online.

Anyway this Matt character has previously viewed my profile but not winked at me, and I've viewed his profile too which technically means that we know each other exists.
I clocked him at the bar pretty early on, and I think he clocked me but obviously pretended not to know who I was. Nevertheless he still decided to come and put his coat on the sofa that we were sitting on. Which was completely random given that he was at the bar, and we were sitting on the sofas near the door to the toilets (which is completely on the opposite side of the room!)
And that was that really, for the next ~3 hours, we girls just sat, chatted, got ridiculously cheap cocktails courtesy of Ogi D (the barman who is in love with Gemma) and had a bit of a dance.

It all gets a bit hazy at this point but I do remember Matt's friend coming over and asking for a dance, and I obliged, but then I have a really awful feeling that I abandoned him halfway through dancing and went off to speak to this Matt character. So we had the whole "I know you from", "Oh yes, I forgot I was on that" etc......
Nonetheless, I suspect we got chatting, and then the bar closed and then we walked home (to Gemma's).
Then there was a bit of singstar, and then a bit of kissing. And I decided that I'd been panicking over nothing, and it was completely alright to kiss somebody else and it wasn't traumatic at all. So I'm cured of my kissing phobia.

And then he pops the question:
Matt: "So do you want to come back to mine then (which was about 3 minutes walk away).
Me: "erm no not really, I don't think it would be wise",
Matt: "we don't have to do anything"
Me (being completely gullible): "oh Alright then, that's fine". And off I went.
Gemma has since told me that "we don't have to do anything" doesn't really mean that. Apparently everybody else knows this too!
So I soon discovered this for myself, and it was all totally fine. NB, there was no sex, but it was really nice to spend what was left of the evening in somebody else's company.

Morning time soon came around, and I was all bright and bushy tailed at about 8.30. Which is more than I can say for him. I came to the conclusion that he was being tired and grumpy and I was being given the brush off, but in hindsight we did go to sleep at 5am, so I can't blame the guy for being tired really. So I lay there for a bit, went through his cd collection, went and sorted my face (and fake ponytail) out in the bathroom and came back and he was still asleep.
Cue about 20 minutes later he stirs a bit and we have a bit a chat, which is fine, he apologised for not being wide awake, and put it down to a mix of being hungover and having epilepsy (yes. Epilepsy).
So I called a cab, and when it arrived I got up to go, and he asked for my number. And I said no.
I'm not sure why, I just figured that I'd rather put the evening down to a pulling experiment and it didn't need to turn into a potential new man friend situation.

I'm not sure whether he seemed put out or not, he certainly acted it, and I feel really harsh now. He was a lovely guy, and if I happen to see him in town again, then I'll go over and say hello and things. And I'm alright with that.

So, that was last Friday.......

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Episode 3: The one that never was

Man: James
Age: 24
Occupation: Quantity Surveyor

So, tonight was going to be this guy...

Things were going well, we had a few email chats and texts etc. So I asked if he'd take me for a drink, and he said yes. I suggested next Wednesday (today) and he instantly replied saying fine.
I left him to devise at time and a venue.
So yesterday evening circa 9pm, I still hadn't heard from him, so I text him asking what the plan was going to be.
Now I'm still new to all this text game nonsense so I have no idea what is an appropriate time to wait.
But I decided that 10 this morning was long enough.
I was just about to start stewing when I got a text that said "Hi, sorry I'm going to have to cancel :( I'll let you know when I'm next free. James"

How gay is that. I don't even get a fu**king explanation.
So he is now deleted from my phone.

What worries me now is that I feel a little bit deflated. This morning I was just like - what a kn*b i'm not arsed. But now i'm like - I wonder why he changed his mind. is dangerous for paranoia. I might take a little break from it, cos its doing my head in.

In other news, I had a really good review. My work really like me - apparently i'm always smiling, really approachable and friendly. HA!!!
They haven't seen me on a bad day.

And in further news, The ex boyfriend is a tit.
I've finally entered the resentment phase, and am a little bit bitter. I think its probably cos we were due to go to Vegas next week and now we're not.
And the fact that I am 85% sure that he was entertaining a woman last Saturday evening (Probably the heroin addict)
And he still hasn't fixed my computer, and he is the only person that can. Which means my Ipod doesn't work.