Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Episode 3: The one that never was

Man: James
Age: 24
Occupation: Quantity Surveyor

So, tonight was going to be this guy...

Things were going well, we had a few email chats and texts etc. So I asked if he'd take me for a drink, and he said yes. I suggested next Wednesday (today) and he instantly replied saying fine.
I left him to devise at time and a venue.
So yesterday evening circa 9pm, I still hadn't heard from him, so I text him asking what the plan was going to be.
Now I'm still new to all this text game nonsense so I have no idea what is an appropriate time to wait.
But I decided that 10 this morning was long enough.
I was just about to start stewing when I got a text that said "Hi, sorry I'm going to have to cancel :( I'll let you know when I'm next free. James"

How gay is that. I don't even get a fu**king explanation.
So he is now deleted from my phone.

What worries me now is that I feel a little bit deflated. This morning I was just like - what a kn*b i'm not arsed. But now i'm like - I wonder why he changed his mind. is dangerous for paranoia. I might take a little break from it, cos its doing my head in.

In other news, I had a really good review. My work really like me - apparently i'm always smiling, really approachable and friendly. HA!!!
They haven't seen me on a bad day.

And in further news, The ex boyfriend is a tit.
I've finally entered the resentment phase, and am a little bit bitter. I think its probably cos we were due to go to Vegas next week and now we're not.
And the fact that I am 85% sure that he was entertaining a woman last Saturday evening (Probably the heroin addict)
And he still hasn't fixed my computer, and he is the only person that can. Which means my Ipod doesn't work.


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