Friday, 7 March 2008

Episode 1: The first one

Man: James
Age: 30
Date: BRB's 8.30 last night

He was okay.
He looked like his photo. Had interesting dress sense.
Black t-shirt with ghastly silver writing on. But it showed his biceps. Good. Freckly arms though.
Dark grey work trousers. Standard
Tan Leather shoes. Good
Ill fitting jacket though - not sure.
Easy to talk too, I drank too much wine too early and got really high pitched and over enthusiastic. But then after a pep talk from Soph, I stuck to cranberry juice after that and it was all okay.
Went to Brb, and then aire bar.
He walked me to a cab rank at 11.30, and I went home.
Didn't try to kiss me which was good.
Not sure we'll see each other again.
Had lots to talk about but not sure how much we have in common. I suspect I'm probably a bit young for him.

Anyway, next week its Gavin. He's much more promising......

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