Thursday, 15 January 2009

Episode 9: The one which was pleasantly surprising

Man: Paul
Age: 27
Description: Accountant, 6ftish, Dark brown hair, lovely eyes, Good body.
Venue: Skippy's 9.15pm last night

So a new year has begun, and with that comes the prospect of new men. Three in fact. Yes, the proverbial myth really is true; I've sat around waiting for guys, and now 3 have come along at once. They are all from different frequencies of the spectrum but nonetheless are all fighting fit, reasonably foxy and worth my time.
They're also all courtesy of which I know is lazy, but it's too cold to go out and hunt for men in the traditional way.

Boy No 1 emailed me at some point last week to break the news that the millrace has closed down (i'd quoted that it was a favourite restaurant in my profile). His profile read well, he seemed a nice lad, but his profile photo was him wearing a mullet wig and dressed as an 80's policeman! Try as I might, I couldn't really ignore this, and automatically wrote him off - especially since he used words like awesome, wacky, bummer in his email. I replied politely and left it at that.

The next day he'd replied back, and had cracked a few lame jokes and I decided to not bother replying.
The next day I got another email saying 'Do you want to go for a drink?'
I thought about it, but didn't reply.

The next day, I got another email circa 100words apologising for 'rushing things' and he hoped he hadn't overstepped the mark etc......well it was in the style of Stephen Episode 6. This totally turned my stomach and I decided that I definately wasn't going to bother.

Fortunately Sarah (who I should listen to given that she's engaged to a lovely boy) and Rachel (who too is married to a lovely boy) told me that I should get over myself and give him a chance.
So I did.

Anyway, so we ended up having a couple of drinks in Trio last night.
Fortunately, he turned out to be a bit of a hottie, so I was quite chuffed with myself when I saw him at the bar. We sat down and did the 'So how was your day' routine. Obviously my day had been plastered all over Calendar news so we just chatted about that for a bit, and just standard date type chat.
What's weird is that we didn't really talk about ourselves that much, just stuff we liked in common really. And it was nice. At times he seemed to have a wandering eye but I think he was fairly interested in what I had to say.
Shortly before 11pm, he started looking a bit itchy and shifting about it in his seat. So I just blurted out "Are you ok, you look like you want to go?"
And he was like "Erm well yeah I've got an early start in the morning so.... erm yeah"
And I was like " Oh. I see. Okay then, let's go".
I was a bit put out given that we'd only been out an hour and a half, but decided not to make an issue of it.
So we walk downstairs and I was turning right, and he was going left. We did the whole 'Nice to meet you routine' and he goes "Do you want to go out again?"
And I was totally gobsmacked as I was convinced he'd been trying to escape for the past 20 minutes. I sort of pulled a contorted face and went "Er okay then yeah, call me ?"
And then he leaned in to kiss me, but he caught me off guard, and I was still totally freaked out, so I turned my cheek and he got that awkward half way place at the side of my mouth.
Which I think he thought was pretty fair, and he walked off into the night.

As it happens, I'm convinced that he's a much more normal person in real life than on paper and all the lame jokes and that must have been some sort of cover as he seemed totally different yesterday and a lot more natural

I'm still putting him in the back corner for now though until I've been out with Sam. That's probably going to be next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Laters xx

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